The Letten House Research Center (LHRC) was established in 2010 to cater for the students engaged in the Better Health and Education for the African Mother and Child program that was started in Zimbabwe and Tanzania in 2000. The scientific programs running at LHRC is a collaboration between University of Zimbabwe and University of Oslo. The continuation of the agreement

between the two universities where renewed and signed in October 2011 by the rector of UiO and the Vice Councelor of University of Zimbabwe.

The LHRC is a meeting area and organizational centre with facilities, large office space, internet and a good and stable atmosphere available to all of the enrolled students.

Capacity Building

Better Health for the African Mother and Child Research Study (BHAMC)

BHAMC is a multi-centered collaborative research program between University of Zimbabwe (UZ), Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC), Tanzania and University of Oslo funded by Letten Foundation (LF) of Oslo, Norway. The primary study was planned from 2000 with the mandate to carry out health research from high and medium HIV-1 prevalent countries that is, Zimbabwe and respectively. The recruitment started in 2002 with the enrollment of 1050 pregnant women .The cohort came to be known as BHAMC in Zimbabwe and a similar cohort was initiated in Tanzania. The study was conducted in three maternal child health clinics in peri–urban areas of Harare, namely, Seke North, St Mary’s and Epworth. The Mother-infant pairs have been followed since then to date.
It was an observational cohort study originally aimed at assessing the role of sexually transmitted infections (STI ) on mother to child transmission (MTCT) of HIV and the impact of a single dose of Nevirapine (sdNVP) given to exposed infants on neurobiological development. At enrollment 571 mothers were HIV negative and 479 were positive. Mother infant pairs were followed up from birth, 6 weeks,4 and 9 months and every 6 months to date constituting the famous BHAMC cohort. Over the years there has been incredible accumulation of maternal and infant scientific observations from which students design pertinent research questions around this unique BHAMC.


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